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Valentine's Day Stories

Valentine's Day is a time to have some really good romantic fun! I have two stories in the Terry and Laurie series that can give you some exciting ideas: "Laurie's Valentine's Day Game" and "Cupid's Coupons and The Ten Days of Valentine". I hope these stories help you have a wonderfully romantic time during this most romantic of holidays.

Welcome Message

How To Say No Button

If you want to read happy, romantic stories about married life, some tender and some humorous, you have come to the right place. The button to the right refers to my original idea that launched this Web site many years ago with the story, "Laurie Adds Pizzazz." Since then my stories have expanded beyond that issue to include many images of happy, romantic, and sexy married life. However, Laurie's new strategy in that first story weaves itself into many of the stories, showing romantic reasons and practical ways my two loving but playful heroines, Laurie and Nikki, occasionally "say no in a sexy way" when their amorous husbands want to make love. Click the button for a brief overview of this strategy on how to turn a bedroom problem into an exiciting, sexy asset. In the article I also quote a heart warming email I received in those early days from a wife inspired by that strategy to be more romantic with her husband. My prayer is that it helps and inspires many more wives! The article also describes the goal of this Web site and all the stories in a general way. (For a more thorough description of my stories, see my Introduction.)

Thanks for visiting my Web site. --Bill Quinn

My Latest Story Posted

Guys make passes at girls. Did you ever think it might be fun if your husband made a pass at you? Well, Laurie thought so. Read how she put her plan into action!

How to Make a Pass at Your Wife

Here's the link for all my stories in the Terry and Laurie series. Don't forget--I always love to hear from you.

NOTE: The elegant dress Laurie wears in the story is a real dress I found online. If you'd like to see it, or if you think I should put a picture of it in the story itself, please email me. If I get enough requests, I'll do it! (November 2, 2012)

Latest Josh and Nikki Story

I'm really excited to post this new story. The story is very special to me--from my heart, you might say. I entitled it "Affection," and its in the Josh and Nikki series where I write in the first person from Nikki's point of view. So I'm especially hoping the wives will find it a truly sweet and tender story and will be inspired by reading it. If you are, do drop me a line. As I said, the story is very special to me. You can click here to read it. Oh, yes: I really did get the idea for the story when I saw that advertisement. Here's the link for all my stories in the Josh and Nikki series. (April 10, 2012)

Latest Story by Tina

Here's the latest story by Tina about how romance and love can thrive in a culture where arranged marriages are common. Those who enjoyed her first story will not be disappointed. In this one, what at first looked like a disaster during a visit by Raj's grandmother actually produced a very sweet and romantic ending. By the way, do you know what a saree is? In this story you'll not only find out, but you'll see one! Click here for "The Visit by Grandma".

"A Romantic Date at Riverview Park"

Since its inception, this Web site has been dedicated to married couples looking for ways to make their marriages more exciting, more playful, and more fun. However, I recently wrote a "dating" story describing a young, unmarried couple that just might fit in.

Dating today, much to my regret, is quite different from what it was when I was dating. Today, even a casual date often means going to bed together. I believe sex should be reserved for marriage. So I'd like to take you back to a more innocent time--when it was a major decision for a girl how soon to let her new boyfriend kiss her goodnight!

These were not "dull" times by any stretch of the imagination. The same hormones flowed in guys and girls back then as they do now. So it was an intensely exciting period, much more so, really, than dating is today. How much of that tingly excitement, that nervous expectation, that thrill that came from holding hands and kissing goodnight--how much of that can there be when even having sex is hohum and quite ordinary?

Now I want you wives out there to picture yourselves a young girl, maybe late teens or early twenties. It's the late fifties or early sixties--back in days of bobby socks and sock hops. Picture yourselves back when traditional values and morals were the norm. For those of you who actually grew up then, this will be a romantic walk down memory lane as you relive all the excitement of those dates back then. For those of you who grew up later, I want to show you how exciting it was for girls--and guys!--back then. You'll feel the thrill that could come from just a kiss.

But what does all this have to do with your marriages now? Well, guys back then were still guys, and we're hard-wired in a very specific way. Guys could get fresh on a date, and girls had to be on their guard. What a time of mixed emotions that was! One part of you was thrilled when he might try something, oh, just a bit fresh. Another part of you wondered whether you should let him.

Well, now you're married. Wouldn't it be exciting for you if you pretended to be on a date with your husband, and he "got fresh" with you? Think how thrilling that might be! But since you're now married, after first putting up a playful resistance, you can let him get fresh! Think how it could bring you back to the early days of your relationship and how much new life it could bring to your marriage.

Here we go then. I was born and raised in Chicago, so let me take you back to yesteryear, to a wondeful era when so many couples went to Riverview Park on a date. My little story is fully illustrated and written from the girl's point of view. You'll see what you probably would have worn on your date, and you'll see the rides your boyfriend will take you on. But girls, be on your guard--Riverview provided a lot of ways and opportunities for your boyfriend to get fresh with you!

Click here for"A Romantic Date at Riverview Park"

Our Discussion Forum

Much to my disappointment, the Romantic Marriage Stories forum has been inactive for a long time now. When I had open registration, the forum was inundated with spam, advertising, and porn. So now you need to send me an email, and I'll register you. But don't let that deter you. I've just added two new boards to the forum. There are now five in all. Let's get some discussions going again!

The Statistics for Romantic Marriage Stories Continue to Encourage Me

In August, I was very pleased to announce a rocord number of visitors to Romantic Marriage Stories. To my great joy, the numbers have continued to grow.

Unique Visitors: 45,150
Total Visits: 66,848

Unique Visitors: 47,977
Total Visits: 65,086

As of today, December 2, there have been over half a million visitors so far in 2014.

Again I thank the Lord for blessing this Web site with so many readers. I also want to thank all of you who read these stories, and I sincerely hope they have inspired you to make your marriage more romantic!

Update for Fans of
Debra Phillips

Many of you have long enjoyed the stories posted here by Debi. She has now published a second Kindle ebook called "I'm Thankful For." It contains three true stories of how God has helped her through the years. Her first Kindle ebook, "Marriage Special Moments," contains four Marc and Carrie stories, her fiction series about a happy and romantic married couple. I encourage you to take a look at both ebooks here. (Dec. 4, 2013)

A New Story from Debra Phillips

Debi has written a new story in her series with Roy and Cory. A bit shorter than her previous and very popular story, "The Simplest Gift," this one nevertheless describes a really sweet surprise that a romantic wife can plan for her husband when he returns home after work. Maybe there are some ideas you can use here! Hope you enjoy "Cozy Night at Home" (January 6, 2013)

My Most Popular Story

There are a number of Web sites, including Christian Web sites, that explain how a wife can do a striptease for her husband. Perhaps you have thought about doing that for your husband on some very special occasion but have been just a little too shy or self-conscious to try it. I hope you enjoy reading Laurie's solution to this problem. It may open up a very exciting possibility for your marriage. Click here for "The Shy Wife's Striptease" or use this link for all my stories in the Terry and Laurie series.

"When Dreams Come True": Inspired by "Annie"

A while back in my Guestbook there was a most intriguing entry by Annie:

"Thanks for your stories. Gave me some great ideas.....I'm the type who loves the marriage bed, more than my husband. Its time to make him ask for it....thanks for Laurie and Nikki!"

Those familiar with my stories know that they offer a wife many cute, romantic, and sexy ideas for what to do if she is not "in the mood" quite as often as her husband. Annie seems to have the opposite problem. So I wondered: what ideas did Annie get from Laurie's antics? Then a few thoughts occurred to me, and...a new story was created! It's based on a new couple, Derek and Angie, but like the Nikki stories, it's written in the first person from the wife's point of view.

I call the story, "When Dreams Come True". It's a tender story that portrays the sadness and hurt some wives experience. But like all my stories, it has a sweet and happy ending!

Thanks, Annie! I hope you enjoy my story.

Update: I was so happy to get Annie's comment after reading the story:

"Thanks so much for your Derek and Angie story. I almost cried. You described my love life. I've cried myself to sleep in the disappointment and hurt that Angie describes. I love the way she overcomes it all..... gives me lots to think about. Thanks again!"

I hope many other wives like Annie are encouraged by this story. Feel free to write me any time.

My Guestbook and Sister Web Site

Not long ago I got a very interesting comment in my Guestbook from "K.M.S.":

I'm a college-age girl going to a party university. Most of the stories I happen to overhear after class or even read in the campus newspaper just turn me off and make me lose faith in true love. I love these stories- this I what I think of when I think of REAL love! The characters are kind and caring towards each other which is what makes the finale so special! I really wish there were more authors like Mr. Quinn, his stories really stand apart from most of the immoral gossip I hear all day. Keep on writing!

Yes, my stories emphasize the wonderful role romance and sex can play in a marriage, but more than that these stories--and this Web site--are dedicated to presenting a high view of marriage, namely, that in marriage alone are these wonderful expressions of love between a man and a woman to be experienced. In this day when casual sex seems to be part and parcel of the dating experience, I'm so encouraged to find that there are still young, unmarried people like K.M.S. who share this view of marriage.

So...I'm going to make a little announcement. For those of you who are still in the dating stage of romance, I have a sister Web site called Good Clean Novels that you might enjoy. I've posted two of my novels, and there is also one written by my wife. My two novels are both romance novels, but again they uphold the high view of marriage even within the dating experience. My favorite is Recapturing Forever, in which my heroine, Kristie, wrestles with these very issues that face young girls today. If you are still single and dating, you might really enjoy these romance novels. For those who are married, I think you will also. I do--I still get a little misty-eyed when I reread some of the scenes in Recapturing Forever.

If you go to Good Clean Novels, you'll also learn my real name. "Bill Quinn" is only a pen name. My email address is also at both sites for any of you who might want to "chat."

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